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Carson City Judge John Tatro caught lying on the witness stand – DA Neil Rombardo caught giving Judge John Tatro a “hand job” during testimony!

Nevada State Personnel WATCH

Judge John Tatro lies on the witness stand Judge John Tatro lies on the witness stand

Not telling the truth: “he’s a lying, cheating, snake in the grass”.
mendacious – false – untruthful – deceitful – untrue

Judge Nancy Oesterle Judge Nancy Oesterle

Judge John Tatro was disqualified from the Todd “Ty” Robben case(s) due to bias and prejudice against Robben. A hearing was conducted on Monday June 17, 2013 with a “retired” Judge from Las Vegas named Judge Nancy Oesterle.

Judge Tatro psycho

Before Judge Tatro was kicked off the case, he made rulings without recording them! Judge Tatro has had a pattern of making orders and changing them in this cases. Now JP (Justice of Peace) Tatro completely fails to make a record and has to be called to testify under oath as a witness in the matter.

Judge Tatro can not recall the order he made and instead lies to the Judge that he can not remember.


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Reno lawyer William Routsis cheats his clients and works for the “other side” to fuck over his clients

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William Routsis Reno lawyer William Routsis cheats his clients and works for the “other side” to fuck over his clients

Update: The CCSO admits William Routsis worked with them to undermine his client behind the seems to score points with the court . William Routsis threatened me with “criminal libel” for this post and told me to take down this post by midnight and not protest his corrupt ass as I intend on doing – So I created a website dedicated to this asshole.

Be aware of Reno criminal defense lawyer William Routsis. This piece of lazy crap lies, and works bogus deals with the prosecutors and against his clients. I hire Mr. Routsis and needless to say, it was a complete waste of money. Mr. Routsis can’t even use a computer to  write simple motions. I had to do all the work because Routsis who claims to be Buddhist is…

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A group of Nevada judges tour Newmont Mining Corp.’s Gold Quarry mine north of Carlin. From left, Judge John Tatro, Carson City; Judge Brian Boatman, West Wendover; Judge Stephen Bishop, Ely; Judge Janiece Marshall, Las Vegas; and Judge Diana Sullivan, Las Vegas.

Judge John Tatro Carson City

“Judge” Tatro fucken’ off in Elko

ELKO — Judges descended on Elko this week for business, but took the time to visit a few of northeastern Nevada’s unique landmarks.

About 50 judges from across the state gathered for the Nevada Judges of Limited Jurisdiction biannual seminar, which ran Tuesday through Friday at the Stockmen’s Hotel & Casino.

“For quite a few judges, this was their first exposure to this part of the state,” said Elko Justice of the Peace Mason Simons, who served as “host judge.”

The purpose of the conference, which takes place every January and June in different parts of the state, was for NJLJ members to further their legal education.

Participants had the opportunity, however, to go on a tour of Newmont Mining Corp.’s Gold Quarry open pit mine near Carlin.

Simons said the tour offered insight into Elko County’s economy.

Judges also stopped at the California Trail Interpretive Center.

Simons said the weeklong seminar included training sessions and speaker presentations, which were “valuable continuing-legal education.”

Participants wanted to thank Pamela Smith of Newmont for arranging the mine tour and Travis Gerber, Andy Boyer, Bruce Grange and Jeff Williams for assisting with a visit to the California Trail Interpretive Center.

NJLJ is an association of justice court and municipal court judges in the state, according to the group’s website.

NLJJ Summer 2014 Logo



Nevada judges may be removed in one of four ways

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Nevada judges may be removed in one of four ways: 

  • Judges may be impeached by a majority vote of the assembly and convicted by a two-thirds vote of the senate.
  • Judges may be removed by legislative resolution, passed by two thirds of the members of both houses.
  • Judges are subject to recall election.

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Judge Tatro a Child Molester?

Nevada State Personnel WATCH

judge tatro cho moThis piece of shit “judge” Tatro is nothing more than a liar,an alcoholic and recent statements from “confidential informants” claim Tatro is a “child molester”and had homosexual sexual relations with a young man he paid for sex.  We stand by the claim and even have the name of the victim. judge tarto sex offender

The CCSO knows who the informant is and the victim, they do nothing so we protested the FBI to investigate the mandatory complaint of “child molestation by John Tatro. The CCSO (Carson City Sheriff) has the recording from the jail cell where the information and names were given to Ty Robben who has reported this crime but the CCSO just ignores Robben.

tatro chomo

One thing “Judge” Tatro does is retaliate against people who criticize him. I was thrown in jail for alleged “libel”  by this corrupt mentally deranged son of a bitch. The charges were dismissed because what I said…

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FBI Protest: Investigate the Corrupt Carson City courts

Nevada State Personnel WATCH

FBI protest carson city courts

A major protest will occur to demand that the FBI investigate the corruption in the Carson City and Reno Courts. Stay tuned for details and pictures.


  • Backdated court filings.
  • Judge Tatro filing false criminal complaints against Ty Robben.
  • Carson City Sheriff and DA fabricating evidence.
  • Cover ups including MURDER.
  • NHP editing audio video dash camera footage.
  • DAS operating outside jurisdiction.
  • And much more.

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New ethics complaint against corrupt Carson City “Judge” TATRO

Nevada State Personnel WATCH

jp tatro ruthless and toothlesstatro is a fraud


1. What does the Code regulate and what is a Canon?

The Code is based upon a model set of five Canons plus explanations (called Commentaries) that most of the States in the United States have adopted in the same or nearly the same form so as to govern judicial conduct similarly across the country. Canons are separate sections designed to state ethical rules applicable to judges. Each of the Canons express a related group of requirements that a judicial officer must abide by while serving in Nevada and acting as a judicial officer. These are not advisory or aspirational rules; rather, they are mandatory and binding. The five Canons deal with topics such as a judge remaining dignified or impartial; not failing to disqualify from a case due to bias or other reasons; what judicial officers can do with regard to outside interests…

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