Like Judge, Like clerk: Judge Tatro’s faggot court clerk busted for child molestation

There seems to be a child molestation problem with the corrupt mother fuckers in Carson City.

A Carson City Justice Court clerk has been arrested on sex charges involving a 15-year-old boy.

Armando Navarro

CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) – A Carson City Justice Court clerk has been arrested on sex charges involving a 15-year-old boy.

Armando Navarro was booked into the Carson City jail for investigation of statutory sexual seduction, committing certain sexual acts in public and indecent or obscene exposure.

Sheriff Ken Furlong says the two were found late Friday inside a vehicle in north Carson City by deputies responding to a report of multiple shots being fired in the area.

A nude male was observed trying to get his clothes on, while the other male was observed putting on his shirt.

Furlong says the 25-year-old Navarro had been a court clerk for about six months and court officials have indicated he’s expected to be fired immediately.

The sheriff says investigators learned Navarro was associated with the local Little League baseball organization, but the case doesn’t appear to have any connection to it.

After 11 years of fighting, Mike Weston has bogus conviction overturned

Nevada State Personnel WATCH

On March 10, 2016 After 11 years of fighting, Mike Weston has bogus conviction of “obstruction of a peace officer” overturned by Reno judge Pete Sferrazza.
  1. The Washoe County District Attorney admits that the Nevada Highway Patrol edited dash cam video of Trooper Ed Bowers to falsely accuse Mike Weston of obstructing a peace officer.
  2. The Nevada Supreme Court recently decided obstruction citations are unconstitutional in 2015 SCOTT (WILLIAM) VS. DIST. CT. (STATE) case # 67331.
  3. The Washoe County District Attorney had no objection to the court vacating and expunging the wrongful conviction and the refunding of fines, fees and costs to Mike Weston.

Nevada Highway Patrol corruption, dash cam tampering & retaliation – The Mike Weston story

The Court Pleading that won the case:

Comes now Michael Weston in proper person to move the Court to reconsider and have an oral hearing on the matter or in the alternative alter/amend the signed…

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Assemblyman Richard Carrillo’s misdemeanor DUI conviction was overturned on appeal due to Judge Tatro fuck up

Nevada State Personnel WATCH

Assemblyman Richard Carrillo’s misdemeanor DUI conviction was overturned on appeal to the District Court on Tuesday.

But the ruling came only after his lawyer Larry Dunn threw a Hail Mary pass following Judge James Wilson’s initial ruling upholding the DUI but tossing the gun charge.

Wilson reversed the charge of carrying a gun while intoxicated because he said the blood test showing Carrillo was at 0.10 blood alcohol wasn’t admissible. He made that ruling based on testimony by the Washoe crime lab technician she didn’t supervise and control all the elements of the testing process and couldn’t vouch for the pieces she wasn’t involved in.

At that point, Dunn stood and asked how the judge could then uphold the DUI since that conviction was based on the same blood test he had just thrown out.

Wilson looked back in the transcript of Justice of the Peace John Tatro’s decision and…

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Call the Reno/Carson news and demand they cover the cover-up

Nevada State Personnel WATCH

Recently the Reno and Carson City news outlets covered the story about a DNA warrant issued for the arrest of a John Doe who may have shot Carson City judge Tatro’s house and tried to light the home on fire. A Christmas card was also sent to Tatro with the words “You will die”.

What the news is not reporting is that a person named Levi Minor claimed to have been the person who shot Tatro’s house. Levi Minor admitted to the incident and the Carson City Sheriff claims he just used a BB gun.

Levi claims he shot Tatro’s house because the judge had an affair with his mom who also worked in the Carson City courthouse.

The news is covering-up this important story!

They covered up the shooting! – Call or email them at:


Adam Trumble
Phone Number: 775-881-1224

Contact News…

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Assemblyman Richard Carrillo DUI appeal set for January

Nevada State Personnel WATCH

Assemblyman Richard Carrillo’s appeal of his misdemeanor DUI conviction will be heard by District Judge James Wilson Jan. 26, 2016, in Carson City.

Carrillo was arrested Feb. 27 after deputies found him sleeping in the driver’s seat of his sports car with the engine running.

Attorney Larry Dunn appealed the conviction by Justice of the Peace John Tatro arguing there was no evidence presented to indicate Carrillo, D-Las Vegas, drove the car to the parking spot outside Jimmy G’s saloon. Dunn argued the court must prove “beyond reasonable doubt” Carrillo drove the vehicle there while intoxicated, not simply he was passed out in the driver’s seat.

“Judge Tatro did not even mention the fact that there was uncontroverted evidence that Appellant did not attempt to operate the vehicle,” the appeal argues.

But Carson City Deputy District Attorney Amy Steelman argued Carrillo was nonetheless in control of the vehicle and, therefore…

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killing the tyrants is an honorable thing to do

Nevada State Personnel WATCH

St. Thomas Aquinas wrote:

“All who govern in the interests of themselves rather than of the common good are tyrants….Against the regime’s efforts to enforce its decrees, one has the right of forcible resistance; as a private right this could extend as far as killing the tyrant as a foreseen side-effect of one’s legitimate self-defence.”

“If the law purports to require actions that no-one should ever do, it cannot rightly be complied with; one’s moral obligation is not to obey but to disobey….If the lawmakers (i) are motivated not by concern for the community’s common good but by greed or vanity (private motivations that make them tyrants, whatever the content of their legislation), or (ii) act outside the authority granted to them, or (iii) while acting with a view to the common good apportion the necessary burdens unfairly, their laws are unjust and in the forum of reasonable conscience are…

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Kill Tatro: You Will Die

Nevada State Personnel WATCH

Corrupt “Judge” Tatro the child molesting judge has a long list people who want him dead.

Carson City DA Jason Woodbury explains DNA warrant

Carson City District Attorney Jason Woodbury spoke Friday, Dec. 18, 2015 about a rare step the agency is taking to identify and prosecute a suspect. A DNA warrant, which identifies the accused using the fictitious name “John Doe” together with the accused’s DNA profile, is rare. The measure is being used to help investigators solve the case of threats made against a Carson City judge and his wife in which shots were fired into his home in December 2012.

Carson City area law enforcement officials and the Carson City District Attorney announced Friday the issuance of a DNA arrest warrant for the shooter who fired bullets into the home of Carson City Judge John Tatro and his wife in December 2012.

Sheriff Ken Furlong who sucks…

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